A selection of videos and comments from Schoolvision customers and parents.

Joe Brown

This is a brief interview by Debbie Morse at Optical3 Opticians, Leicestershire, with Joe Brown, who gives us an insight into the problems he had before his Schoolvision Assessment and how things have been for him since.

Sonia and Zack

Mr Noel McCrystal, McCrystal Opticians Dungannon is one of the top Schoolvision practitioners in the UK & Ireland, achieving an 85% success rate for children with dyslexia. Noel personally experienced the challenges of childhood dyslexia, inspiring him to help others achieve their true potential. He has received the 'Outstanding Contribution to General Practice Award' from the ASvP.

Used by kind permission.

Annemarie & Aine

New research from the independent optometrist group Schoolvision UK has found that pupils identified as dyslexic could double their reading speed by using specially designed corrective glasses.

Used by kind permission.

What Our Customers Say

Alex Smallwood:
My son's confidence has improved with his schoolwork and doing his homework with him is now a pleasure.
Olivia Hudson:
I struggled with reading things, it took me a while and I didn't understand what I was reading... the improvement in my reading, understanding and the speed I now do my work is amazing!
Christian Christiansen:
... I read a lot quicker than normal now, which has been a life-saver when it comes to cramming in revision before an exam!