Change your child's future...

Schoolvision opticians are trained to help your child beat their reading difficulties.

Schoolvision studies the way children's eyes work together as they read; in particular the relationship between their vision and problems they may have with reading. A concentration on reading and writing is a modern phenomenon and our eyes haven't yet evolved to deal with so much close work. Because of this they sometimes need help.

When we read, the dominant eye should do the job of aiming at the words. But if both eyes try to do the same job, the words and letters appear to shift out of order. This sends confused messages to the brain which can cause difficulties in reading and spelling. If this takes place while a child is learning to read the effect on their confidence, enjoyment of reading and behaviour can be profound.

Visual problems often appear as fatigue, headaches and frustration.

The problems this causes often appear as fatigue, headaches, frustration, lack of attentiveness or poor behaviour in class. In extreme cases this can affect other areas of development. By correcting these problems, children can read faster, more accurately and with greater confidence.

Using established sight tests and corrective spectacles, specialist Schoolvision opticians work with children to improve their ability to read and interpret words.

SVUK has built up a network of independent opticians who are uniquely qualified to carry out these tests, both across the UK and worldwide. Please click Find Practitioner to find a Schoolvision Practitioner near you.

Not just for children

Whilst the greatest benefits are achieved by treating these symptoms at a young age, adults can also undertake a schoolvision or workplace assessment, the principles are exactly the same.

  "This could help transform the lives of many individuals who often struggle and may have found great problems at school, in their career and functioning in a society that relies so heavily on reading, writing and information technology."

Geraint Griffiths