The Moreton Project

Schoolvision is a relatively new concept born out of research into sports vision and has its roots in a pilot study carried out at Moreton School in Wolverhampton in collaboration with Adidas Eyewear.

The Moreton Project was a study of 95 year seven students at Moreton School in Wolverhampton, conducted in 2006 at the request of the then headteacher Tony Leach. The research was based on a new understanding of the importance of eye dominance and binocular vision and its relation to dyslexia and associated disabilities, dysgraphia, dyscalculia and dyspraxia.

A new research model based on eye dominance was used to explore the dependence on vision of skills like reading and ball catching, and link them to academic achievement.

Using the this approach a screening programme was developed to test the hypothesis that vision and learning difficulties are directly related. Many of the measures and associations were found to be statistically significant. On the first screening it was apparent that at least 30% of the children tested had visual problems amenable to correction which were holding back their academic development.

The study examined eye tracking skills through simple ball catching exercises and other tests.

As a follow up a group of 14 children, identified by the screening as being at risk, were given a full eye examination. In the 12 subjects who accepted their prescription there was up to a 100% improvement in reading speed and a 30% improvement in school performance over the measured 5 month period. One student's reading speed increased by at least 15 times and his behaviour changed from being constantly disruptive to head student potential.

14 measurable signs of a pre-disposition to dyslexia have been identified. The results may explain why the advanced behavioural and psychological characteristics associated with learning difficulties in some children are an unreliable basis for the diagnosis of dyslexia. The project identifies a need to reintroduce school screening tests and re-appraise the importance of sport as a means of visual as well as physical development.

The Eye Bright Test used as a measure of colour preference and light sensitivity.

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