Eye Protection In Sports

One of the most important requirements of sports eyewear is to offer eye protection to the wearer. This is primarily intended to prevent damage to the eyes, but can also be used to improve comfort so that sports can be enjoyed for longer periods without eye strain or fatigue.The use of eye protection is increasingly a requirement in organised club or league sports.

Damage to the eyes may take the form of sudden, unexpected trauma caused by impact, abrasion or foreign bodies entering the eye ...

  • A ball hitting the eye - particularly squash
  • Racquets, bats or hockey sticks striking the eye
  • Being hit in the face by other players limbs
  • Flying gravel, ejected shell casings, low hanging branches
  • Abrasion caused by grit, eye rubbing

Certain factors can contribute to accidents, especially in sports undertaken at speed ...

  • Glare or snow blindness
  • Flying insects
  • Wind
  • Spray - water or mud

Damage to the eyes can also build up over a long period of time ...

  • Ultra Violet radiation

Unlike a broken limb, a cut or a bruise, a serious eye injury carries a significant risk of being irreversible. Sports participants are far more likely to suffer such injuries than the non-sporting population. The size and velocity of a squash ball impacting upon the eye can have devastating effects.

Modern protective eyewear, both prescription and otherwise, is available in huge range of attractive styles, colours, lens tints - and prices. Your Sportvision practitioner will be able to advise you on the most appropriate eyewear for your chosen sports, to ensure your safety and comfort.

You only have one set of eyes. Don't put them at risk.