The Diploma in Schoolvision Practice has a direct impact on Optometry, Dispensing Optics, Physiotherapy and Ophthalmology. It will contribute to our understanding of the relationship between nutrition, exercise and eye-sight and general morbidity. It will lead to a better understanding of the prevention of ocular and systemic pathology and non-drug based treatment of manifest disease.

Experience has shown that the cost of the Diploma course can be recovered in the first few weeks by offering Schoolvision assessments and dispensing.

The Beginning

The breakthrough in the understanding of eye dominance and dominance type came directly from research into sports vision. This led to the proposition of the two primary occupational visual skills of aiming and anticipation. The way in which visual correction or lack of it affects athletes depends largely on their eye dominance.

There followed an intuitive leap in which we considered that reading could be thought as an "aiming" sport, and that similar principles may apply.

A three year study at Moreton School in Wolverhampton examined these principles as applied to reading in 95 year 7 children. The results of this trial, and the understanding gained from it, went on to form the basis of the Schoolvision Diploma.

Over 200 opticians in the UK and worldwide have now undertaken one or both of the diplomas. Increasingly colleagues are finding that they can solve problems in all occupations, importantly in sport but now in reading, by using this logical approach.

We are also beginning to see employment opportunities being advertised that require the Diploma to have been completed.

Prize winners from the 2016 Diploma Courses receiving their certificates from Paul Surridge (r).